Deep in the eyes of Art and Rock’n’Roll



It all started as a child, blackening tons of papers with comics caracters and caricatures.

Through the years, the drawings and illustrations let the place to watercolor.

The turning point came in Rome, when meeting the Maestro Ennio Morricone and the legendary Director Dario Argento.

The offered paintings did a nice impact and naturally, both with the entourage encouraged to develop this concept.

Meeting Marilyn Manson and Dear Karr, talking about art and paintings, was an important step too.

Then it was decided: it has to be done seriously and with all the heart.

Thanks to the activities of art and communication advisor, graphic designer and script writer,

the opportunity to meet great artists changed the way to take on this passion too.

After a first exhibition in south of France in 2012, the Hellfest offered the great chance

to show the rock icons portraits in his VIP corner in 2013.

Journalists, musicians and staff loved the paintings and it’s been decided

that the Rock Like Hell exhibition will be part of the festival.

Thanks to social networks, the watercolors are shown all over the world with sometimes

the great surprise to see rock stars forwarding them.

Due to many requests, lithographs in limited quantity, numbered and signed are now available.

The adventure has just begun, welcome aboard !